Sunday, May 25, 2014

Influenster Venus® Snap with Embrace Review

Influenster Venus Snap VoxBox

Quite liking this little gadget I received from Influenster! It's a mini razor from Venus which is marketed toward on-the-go shaving needs. 

When I found out I was selected for the box I was pretty excited, because I don't know about you guys, but I can't tell you how many times I have been in the car on the way to work/an event/the store/whatever and suddenly realized I needed a quick shave. This could be stubbly legs, armpits, even (totally ick) facial hair!

Usually I just make sure to always keep a cheap, disposable razor in my car, but I hate using it because it irritates my skin like crazy. I'll be all red and itchy afterwards which is almost worse than just leaving the hair in place and dealing with it. With this #InASnap razor though there are two lines of moisture (one going all the way around the razor head!) that keep that from happening. This is especially important when I'm on the way to work since I really don't want to look anything less than put-together. And usually, its when I'm going to work that I have these little catastrophes!

You just wet it a little bit to activate the gel strips, and shave. It glides totally smooth and leaves a perfectly shaved surface behind. It even comes with a cute little handy carry case which (and I love this feature) has little holes in the bottom so the moisture doesn't get trapped in the case! They really put a lot of thought into this razor. The handle even has a soft, bendy plastic on it to help with gripping it since the handle is so small.

Overall, a great little item that I'm excited to throw in my car, and I think I want to get one for my purse as well! It's just so convenient and makes this one part of my day much easier to manage.