Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag January 2014

Cost: $10 monthly (includes shipping)

How it Works: Ipsy sends you 4-5 products each month based on your answers to your "Beauty Quiz" which you fill out prior to joining. You can change your Quiz answers at any time.

Shipping Schedule: Begins shipping approximately on the 10th. 
This is also the day you can see your "Glam Room"

Rewards System: Ipsy is not a bag you join for the rewards system. You earn points by joining (100pts), referrals (250pts), reviewing each item you receive (10pts each), and several Facebook interactions (varies). The points expire a year from the date of earning them. Ipsy doesn't have a "store", just three items that each cost 1000 points. These items change as they go in and out of stock. 

Refunds: Contact CS if any issues occur with the bag or items and they are usually pretty good about either replacing individual items or the entire bag.

Cancellation: Very easy. Just use the cancellation option on the website or email CS. There is no phone number listed to call.

My Quiz Answers: 
Personal Style: Classic, Professional, Retro, Natural, Simple
Comfort Level: Very Comfortable
Adventurous: Very Adventurous
Makeup Products: BB Cream/Primer, Eyeliner, Blush/Bronzer, Eye shadow, Brushes, Tools
Skin Care Products: Cleanser, Moisturizer, Treatment, Masks, Nail Colors
Skin Tone: Light
Skin Concerns: Redness, Oiliness, Acne

This is a deep conditioning mask. I have already found my HG mask, but I'm also always willing to try out a new one! 

Mica Beauty Tinted Lip Balm - #6 Fiesta (2.5 oz - $18.75!)
Another product I was happy to see! You can never have enough lip balms. The other color they sent out was "Natural" which I think I would have preferred, but I will try to rock "Fiesta". It also claims to be "smudge-proof" and "kiss-proof"!

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow - Pearl (.7g - $6.99)
The company suggests to use this as a highlighter, all-over lid color, and on the waterline... Which I think you can do with just about any shadow pencil. On first inspection, I don't really like the color and there seems to be a lot of glitter. Not as excited about this one.

I generally only use light moisturizers in the summer since it can get so humid in my part of the country, so I will probably wait to try this out then. Not sure it will work for me though since my skin has a hate-hate relationship with scented lotions.

Proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads (4 pads - $12 based on Non-Member Pricing)
I had actually been thinking about trying the use the Proactiv+ Line since the regular line hasn't been doing much for me, so I liked seeing these! They have 2% Salicylic Acid. 

Overall, I will get some use out of all my items this month, which is exciting since this was my first Ipsy bag! 

Total Value: $49.16

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