Sunday, April 6, 2014

Elizabeth and Clarke Spring 2014

Cost: $30 for 1 shirt; $50 for 2 shirts; $60 for 3 shirts

How it Works: Each season Elizabeth and Clarke releases a collection of 5 shirts that are aimed at becoming solid staples of your wardrobe. You can pick 1, 2, or 3 shirts each season.

Shipping Schedule: The Spring Collection is shipped on March 1st

Refunds: Elizabeth and Clarke has a very easy refund and exchange policy which makes trying the service hassle free. They will send you a label to send the items back and process your request when they receive them.

Cancellation: Cancellation is easy too. Just contact their customer service through phone or email and they will handle it.

Description Card
My Experience
I decided to try the Elizabeth and Clarke subscription service when I saw a deal through Living Social which gave you your first 3 item collection for $20. It was an amazing deal and I'm really glad I tried them out. Based on my measurements I decided to order the items in size 4, but when they arrived they were way too big. At first I wanted to just return them and get a refund, but the more I thought about it (and talked to their amazing CS reps!) the more I wanted to try a different size instead. They sent me a label to send the items back and shipped my new shirts (in size 2 this time) within one week. I'm really impressed with their customer service!

The Hutton
This is a simple grey shirt, but the fabric is so comfortable! As soon as my exchange arrived, I put this shirt on and wore it to a ballgame! The fabric has a little bit of stretch to it which makes it drape nicely, and the boat neckline would be flattering on almost anyone.

The Arden
This was the shirt that intrigued me the most. It's a pretty simple sleeveless button-down from the front, but in the back it has a nice drape and comes down longer. I don't wear as many sleeveless shirts as I once did, but this is a solid piece that could work with a jacket for work. It does fit a bit strangely because it's loose until it hits my hips where it becomes tight before the bottom drape in the back.

I also really like how the buttons are covered in the front! Such a small detail, but it makes the overall feel of the shirt that much more luxe and sleek.

The White
It doesn't get much more basic than a white button-down shirt. This would work both casually and in a business setting. The fabric is a bit see-through, so it must definitely be worn with a shell  underneath. The fabric is so nice and silky, and has a bit of weight to it as well. I especially love the detailing on the neckline!

Living in the deep hot-and-humid south, I really appreciate that you can button the sleeves back. That one detail means I can wear this year-round! I love versatile pieces like this!

Final Thoughts
Elizabeth and Clarke has some amazing customer service, and in the end I am really glad I did an exchange instead of a return. These shirts are such high quality! The beauty of all of these pieces is that you can dress them up or down. They are true staples for your wardrobe. 

For the Summer Collection, I didn't see anything I was interested in (and there were 3 repeats from the Spring Collection), so I cancelled my subscription but made sure I was still on their mailing list for alerts on future collections since I am sure I will want to order from them again.

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