Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mod Cloth Stylish Surprise Spring 2014

Cost: $10 (plus shipping)

How it Works: Roughly at the end of each season ModCloth sells off their old stock by having a mystery bag event. This time they had bags for clothing, accessories, and shoes. You choose your size and they send you a totally random item from their stash. 

Shipping Schedule: Immediately!

Returns: No return allowed since these are surprise items.

My Experience
I hadn't ever bought one of these surprise bags, although I have shopped through ModCloth for years, so I was pretty excited about this event! I wish I had bought several more though, because I feel like that would have increased my chances of getting something I would actually keep. I saw several people receive items that were retailed at over $100 from very nice brands! As it was I received two items I won't wear, but there are several swapping groups online so hopefully I can trade them for something I would like better! 

Blue Cutout Dress by Coco Love
This dress is so not my style, it's not even funny. This is a peacock blue dress with lots of ruffles on the chest and cutouts on the sides. There is just no way I would ever wear this or go to an event that this would be appropriate for. BUT, I know that it must be something that someone out there will love so I'll throw it in the trade pile and hope for a good trade!

My pictures truly do not do it justice, so you can follow this link to see a truer representation of the color and style. 

Peach and Yellow Dress by Everly
This dress I thought was pretty cute, but I really do not like the elastic waist through the middle of the torso so I decided to let this one go as well. The fabric was breezy and the colors were very summery, but I knew it would just hang in my closet if I kept it.

Final Thoughts
I wish I had bought several more of these, especially since they were only $10 a piece! ModCloth does free shipping with a $50 purchase, so I think next time I will just order 5 boxes. Then I might get something I like! That being said, the trade groups I  have found for these items are great, and I'm hoping I'll be able to send these dresses to someone who loves them!

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