Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MemeBox Super Box 2 - Makeup Edition

Cost: $39 (plus shipping)

How it Works: In addition to their regular line of boxes, Meme Box has Super Boxes. These have only full size products and follow a pre-announced theme. There are no set times or days that new boxes are released, but they tend to have at least one type in stock at all times. 

Shipping Schedule: Varies by box.

Returns: As far as I can tell, you cannot return a box, but if there are any issues you can contact their customer service and they are pretty good about compensating and working with you.

Cancellation: This isn't an actual subscription, so you just don't buy another box.

My Experience
I have ordered every regular Meme Box with the exception of the 1st one, but this is my first Super Box! Since the Super Boxes include only full size items, I had assumed the value would be higher than a regular box, but this one hits right around the same value point. It was also more expensive to buy, so I knew I was taking a risk in buying it before any Super Box reviews went up, but I couldn't help it when I saw it was a makeup box! 

Makeon - Super Long Mermaid Gel Eyeliner Season 1 ($39.80)
I had to rip into this the moment I opened the box because I had actually been eyeing it in the Meme Box store! These are gel eyeliners and are very long-lasting once they have set. The colors are super usable too. There is another option on the site with more dramatic colors, so I'm glad they sent this one instead. The only color I am not completely happy with is the black because it has some pretty chunky glitter, and I already have two other black gel liners with glitter (and one was actually from MemeBox themselves!)

The names crack me up too (their spelling)!
Party Tonight Pearl Black
Lovely Expresso Brown
Sexy Vampire Bergundi
Secret Princess Gold
Love at Me Lovely Beige

Makeon - Chok Chok Shining CC Cushion in C21 ($29.80)
I had been really, really hoping they would include one of these cushions, so another win! This compact is pretty large and comes with a little makeup sponge that is separated from the cushion itself. From just swatching it I can tell that this is a pretty full coverage CC cream, so I'm excited to try it out!

Karadium - On the Top Fiber Mascara in Curling ($14.69)
There's just got to be a looser in every box, doesn't there? I don't use mascara because my lashes are hella long and mascara instantly takes me into spider territory. This packaging looks so cool though! And it's one of those "fiber" mascaras that has itty-bitty fibers all in the formula to help build length. I might try it out anyway just because it sounds so interesting.

Cheek Room - Dual Lip Gloss in Orange Tint and Cherry Red Lip Gloss ($15.00)
At first when I saw this bright orange tint I said "Oh no, there is no way I can wear that". But it actually turned out to be really pretty on! It turns my lips into a lovely peach shade! But it tastes terrible! Like, chemical terrible. The gloss is nice, but its just a gloss. The glitter doesn't look nearly as sparkly on your lips either. Which I consider a very, very good thing because it is freaking sparkletastic in the tube.

Total Value: $99.29

Final Thoughts
I am super happy with 3 of the 4 products, so this box is a total win for me! I was expecting the value to be a bit higher, but the variety of items made me very happy! Two eye, one face, and one lip product! You could do an entire look just with this box! Since the orange lip tint was only about halfway full I emailed their CS about it with a picture and they immediately responded by rewarding my account with extra Meme Points by way of apology. They said something must have happened in the production process. I shave yet to have a bad experience with their CS! Still loving my Meme Boxes! 

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