Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MemeBox 7th Global Edition

Cost: $23 (plus shipping)

How it Works: Each Meme Box is bought separately and includes several full and deluxe sample size items from well-liked Korean brands. There are no set times or days that new boxes are released, but they tend to have at least one item in stock at all times. 

Shipping Schedule: Varies by box.

Returns: As far as I can tell, you cannot return a box, but if there are any issues you can contact their customer service and they are pretty good about compensating and working with you.

Cancellation: This isn't an actual subscription, so you just don't buy another box.

My Experience
So after the total disappoint of MemeBox Edition 5 and Edition 6 I was beginning to lose faith in Meme Box. What with the quick turn-around on box releases, and the sporadic customer service replies, I was really thinking about if I wanted to stay with this sub. You have to order these boxes really far in advance, so I still have quite a few coming to me, so I figured I would just let those get to me and decide once I saw those. Good thing I did, because they totally redeemed themselves with this Edition 7!

Mise en scene - 2X Curl Essence ($2.00)
This was the least exciting item for me, but it's still a pretty decent sample size. When I saw "curl" I thought "oh hell no, I don't want hair like that picture". But apparently It's just a leave in cream to condition your hair. That I am down with. I also love the name! Though what it has to do with hair care, I don't know!

Leaders Insolution - BIO Medi-Curing Mask-Aqua Dressing ($3 x 2 - Full Size!)
I love face masks, yes I do! And they sent us two of these so we really get to try them out and see if we like them! These have coconut jelly in them, and I am always hearing people rave about how good coconut products are for your skin, so I am extra excited to try these out!

Dr G. - BIO-RTx Mentor Cream ($14)
We had a Dr. G item in the 2nd Edition box that didn't really work out for me, and this item is for dry skin which I definitely don't have. I might try it anyway though since my cheeks are closer to normal/dry. Such cute packaging!

a;t fox - Jasoyup Herb Tea Makeup Designer Kit ($23)
And then I died of cute! This little makeup kit is so adorable! From the cute little tin care with it's fox and bird and little tea-time girl, to the products themselves! There were two options, and this is the Black Tea set. It comes with (3) eye pencils, (1) eyeliner, (1) lip pencil, (1) nail file and (1) set of nail stickers. I thought the nail stickers were a bit random, and would have liked a different item, like a blush. The eye pencils are so pretty! I've been wearing the light pink as an all over lid color with the darker red/pink in the crease and they stay on really well throughout the day. I haven't tried the rest of it yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so soon!

Recipe by Nature - Slowganic Cleanse in Lemon, Green Tea and Adlay ($1.20)
First off, does that middle image on the left not totally look like a hot dog? Because yes, yes it does. So the "flavors" of these cleansers should actually be: Green Tea, Hot Dog, Lemon. But for real, look at how interesting they are! Like little dough balls!Apparently you pinch off a piece and foam it up in your hands before working it onto your face. In the pictures you can see the Green Tea one has a cap for resealing the container instead of using it all in one go.

Catrin - Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA+++ ($38 - Full Size!)
Mineral sunscreen is not something I have ever seen before, and I doubted the ability of it to work at first. But then I began looking around and apparently even Peter Thomas Roth has one, not to mention Bare Minerals as SPF 15 in their foundation. So maybe it isn't so crazy after all! I love that this is a full size and the attached powder puff make application a breeze!

Total Value: $84.20

Final Thoughts
Meme Box, you made me believe in your again! I thought we were going to need a break from one another, but you just reeled me right back in! Great box, although I do with that there was some level of customization. For instance, the Dr. G cream I received was for dry skin, but if able to select a preference I would have chosen one of the other two options (oily skin or damaged skin).

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