Monday, March 17, 2014

Meme Box 3rd Global Edition

Box: Meme Box

Cost: $21 (plus shipping)

How it Works: Each Meme Box is bought separately and includes several full and deluxe sample size items from well-liked Korean brands. There are no set times or days that new boxes are released, but they tend to have at least one item in stock at all times. 

Shipping Schedule: Varies by box.

Returns: As far as I can tell, you cannot return a box, but if there are any issues you can contact their customer service and they are pretty good about compensating and working with you.

Cancellation: This isn't an actual subscription, so you just don't buy another box.

My Experience
My First Meme Box! Korean Beauty Box! Lots of samples and full size products! 'Nuff said and movin' right along to the items!

Papa Recipe Princess Lip Gel Patch ($3.00)
Reasons I love this: 
1 - It's a gigantic pair of plastic lips! To put over my lips! To make them pillowy soft!
2 - It's by 'Papa Recipe" and I've invested way too many hours of my life in perfecting my souffle on Cooking Mama
3 - It's a lip mask! I just really don't need another reason. 

Dr. Jart V7 Eye Serum ($38 - Full Size!)
I have some major dark under-eye circles. Who cares if more sleep could solve that issue. Ain't nobody got time for that. I would love if this serum was able to chase the darkness under my eyes away. Look at that, I'm getting positively poetic about this stuff. It's also great that Dr Jart is readily available in the US at Sephora! This is a full size though, so I wouldn't need to repurchase any time soon!

Nuganic Customized Sunblock Fresh SPF 50 PA+++ ($45 - Full Size!)
I'm not sure who this sunblock was customized for (or for that matter, what all those plus signs mean), but I am willing and ready to try it. As I get closer and closer to the dreaded 3-0, I am becoming more aware of how close I am to the days of anti-wrinkle creams and serums. It's scary. And if I can fend off those lines and dark spots by protecting my skin from the sun now, by gosh golly, hand me that sunscreen!

Banila Co It Radiant Brightening Cream, CC Cream, Melting Pact ($??)
How freaking adorable is this little set. Looks like it gives you all the items in this makeup series. As you can see, when I swatched the Melting Pact I hit pan, but it looks like there is a nice amount of the rest of these products to try out. 

TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint in Red ($1?)
Secret Kiss Twinkle Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner ($8 - Full Size!)
THERE IS A HEART ON THE LID OF THAT LIP STAIN, Y'ALL! Just had to get that out. I believe this is a stain meant to be used for the Korean "gradiant lip" look, but I dunno if I can pull that off. That stuff has some staying power though so it's perfect for a bright lip stain! As for the gel liner, I'll use it, but I swear I this same type of product in this exact color by MAC. 

Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream ($11.60)
I am on cuteness overload, you guys. Who wouldn't want to put "cheese cream" on their face? I know I'm jumping in the front of that line! The texture of this stuff is very... Screw it, the best word really is "bouncy" like the name says. There is a lot of elasticity in it. Can't wait to put it on and see if it really "extend[s] bouncily on [my] face such like 'mozzarella-cheese'". Cause that would be AMAZING. 

Aritaum The Professional Eyelash ($3.00)
Oh lashes... I have so many of you thanks to subscription boxes. It's like these companies think I wear you, or something crazy like that. But alas, I just let you languish in a drawer with all your little (and, sometimes, scarily hirsute) lash friends. Perhaps one day I shall lead you into the sunlight, like so many bats flapping upon my eyeballs. But until they day... Farewell.

Total Value: $109.60
Woah! And that isn't including the Banila Co prices since I couldn't find reliable pricing online. Honestly, the eye cream itself paid for and made this box worth the $21.00 to me.

Final Thoughts:
Look at all those full size products! And I will be trying out and using every single one! That is something I can't say about a lot of my subscription boxes. I am totally sold on these Meme Boxes! Full write ups of these products to come!

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