Monday, March 24, 2014

Blush Mystery Beauty Box February 2014


$24.95 when subscribed, 34.95 for one-time purchase (includes shipping)

How it Works
The Blush Mystery Beauty Box is put together by the people at Blush.Com. It includes full and sample size beauty products that are worth up to at least $100. The monthly products come in a black tie-up bag, and a random free gift is always added. 

Shipping Schedule
Shipping is generally around the beginning of the month.

No returns accepted. 

You can call their 1-800 number or email support to cancel. 

My Experience
I actually received the February Blush Mystery Beauty Box in the middle of March because I used a promo code to sign up. The fine print of the promo had said I would  be getting the March box as well, but when I never got a confirmation for the March box shipping I contacted their CS through email. They told me that you can only get one box mailed to you per month so to get the March box I would need to make a separate order. None of that made sense to me, but that's what I ended up doing. 

Can't say their email support is very good. The response I received to my first email asking about the March box was a confirmation from them that they had canceled my account.And it didn't get much better from there. I would highly recommend calling them instead if you have any issues.

Featured Curator Top Pick
Bioxidea - Miracle 48 Excellence Gold Face and Body Treatment ($24.67)
I love face masks, yes I do! And this isn't just a face mask. According to the little pictorial on the back (see below) you apparently use this on your face then thrown it in your bath to soak in! Essence everywhere! Doesn't that sounds like the best mask you've every heard of? Seriously cannot wait to try it out!

DHC - Deep Cleansing Oil ($5.50)
Another item I am super excited to try out! The Oil Cleaning Method (OCM) of facial cleansing has interested me for a while, but I haven't taken the plunge due to uncertainty in which oils to try. This one smells a lot like olive oil, and when I checked the ingredients it turned out that was the main one. Glad I can finally jump into the whole OCM thing without buying a full size product.

NYX - Are You DeprEYEved of Long and Full Lashes Mascara Serum in Jet Black ($13.00 - Full Size!)
vbeaute - Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator ($3.53)

Blah. I don't use mascara so this will probably find it's way to my trade pile.

I am not generally a fan of physical exfoliator gels, so I'm not terribly excited about this vbeaute product either. They tend to feel a bit too rough on my skin. This one contains coconut and rosemary extracts which seems like a bit of a weird combination to be, but I'll patch test before I try it on my face.

Klorane - Dry Shampoo with Nettle ($19.50 - Full Size!)
NCLA - Nail Wraps in Pizzo ($16.00 - Full Size!)

The dry shampoo I am currently using has been a bit of a dud, so I'm glad I'll have a new one to try out as soon as it's empty. I like the idea of nettle extracts being sprayed into my hair!

The NCLA nail wraps are not really my thing. I have never been able to get wraps to work correctly, but I would be willing to give these a try on a few accent fingers to practice. 

Elizabeth Arden - Untold Eau de Parfum ($5.90)
I always groan and die a little inside when I see perfumes in subscription boxes. I almost always dislike them. The packaging for this Elizabeth Arden scent is so cute though. And it isn't totally offense either! Wouldn't say I love it, but it's ok.

Total Value: $88.10

Final Thoughts
The website and card stated that the value of this box was over $100, and that was not the total value I totaled up, even using the product costs on their website. It's not that far off, so I don't want to sound whiny, but their advertising it definitely off if the total value isn't reflected. This box was about half-and-half for me, but it is still a great value.

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