Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meme Box 5th Global Edition

Box: Meme Box

Cost: $23 (plus shipping)

How it Works: Each Meme Box is bought separately and includes several full and deluxe sample size items from well-liked Korean brands. There are no set times or days that new boxes are released, but they tend to have at least one item in stock at all times. 

Shipping Schedule: Varies by box.

Returns: As far as I can tell, you cannot return a box, but if there are any issues you can contact their customer service and they are pretty good about compensating and working with you.

Cancellation: This isn't an actual subscription, so you just don't buy another box.

My Experience
Blugh. So after 3 amazeballs boxes I should have known a dud was coming. This box was pretty close to a massive fail for me. I was only really interested in one product, although that doesn't mean I won't get some use out of the rest of it. This whole box was just... BLAH. 

Derma:B - Daily Moisture Body Lotion ($4.00)
Unexciting Items #1: Plain old boring body lotion. This stuff doesn't seem any different from the usual St. Ives products I use on a daily basis, and has a bit of a funky odor to it. Not a bad smell necessarily, just not what I'm used to. Granted, this is a very generous sample at 100ml (full size is 400ml). I'll use it, but it is a very "meh" item. 

Nuganic Customize - Pore Control Essence ($46.00 - Full Size!)
Another essence! We were sent a facial sunscreen by Nuganic Customize in the 3rd Edition box, and I wasn't a big fan, but this item is definitely calling my name. It used the magic phrase "pore control". Ah, if only we could truly control our pores. More than willing to try this out. This was the most exciting product in the box to me, and it is full size!

CNP Laboratory - Cleansing Perfecta ($7.67)
Unexciting Item #2: Makeup remover. Don't get me wrong, we all need a decent makeup remover in our lives, but I have several that I like and use regularly. This one will have to wait it's turn.

Aromatica - Tasteless Aroma Therapy Roll On
I might have been more interested in this item had it not smelled exactly like armpits. You know that sharp, sweaty smell? Apparently that's the patchouli, which means that I finally know if I like that smell. Answer: I don't. This roll-on is apparently supposed to suppress appetite, and one can only assume it does this by making you want to constantly gag. 

Lipozone - Body Ampoule ($11.43)
Now this is interesting! I have seen products like this all over the place, but never would have bought a pack. The serum in the ampules is supposed to reduce cellulite and fat cells. Sign me up for that! Too bad I have a feeling it doesn't work. I mean, if it did, everyone would be using it, right? Wish I could figure out how those picture directions are supposed to help at all. Maybe they are exercises to to while using the serum? That sure seems like cheating if so!

Sella - Organic Soap ($3.60)
Unexciting Item #3: Another facial soap. This cleanser is small, so I could probably use it up pretty quickly, but it's claims of anti-aging and pore-minimizing properties seem a bit inflated. Or maybe my bad mood miasma regarding this box is making me cynical about this poor defenseless soap.

Espoir - Lip Gloss in Passion Plum ($15.00 - Full Size!)
I like to call this color "Woah, 'dats pink!". Cause that is a for-real pink lip gloss we've got here. Good thing I like hot pink lips! This was a random color choice of three. I wish we could customize these boxes a little more regarding color preferences. It says the full size of this lippie is 37 grams which I really hope is a typo, because that would be huge. This feels like a full size to me, so that is the price I am going with. 

Physiogel Samples: Cleanser, Cream, and Intensive Repair Cream
Leaders Samples: CC Cream and UV Moist Sun Gel
Dear Jane Samples: Touch the Silk Velvet Primer and Glam on your Shimmer Bomb
Ugh, foils! No! Bad Meme Box! I didn't buy this box for foil samples! I'll use them... But I won't like it.

Total Value:

Final Thoughts:
Which this less than interesting box isn't enough to make me stop ordering Meme Boxes, it does make me stop and think about the service. Pre-ordering these things for months in advance is risky, and who knows what you may be getting, or what direction the company may decide to head in with little-to-no notice. That being said, I will get use out of these products... I just wouldn't have bought this box had I already known what was in it.

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