Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lip Factory - February 2014

Box: Lip Factory 

Cost: $22 (includes shipping)

How it Works:
 Lip Factory is a monthly makeup subscription box, and contrary to what you might think, it isn't just lip products! Each month they send around 5-6 items, and the products themselves don't tend to vary from box to box, but the colors will based on your profile. Every 3 months they release an "All Lips" box with only lip products. 

Shipping Schedule: 
Shipping begins approximately on the 10th 

No returns accepted

Through email or ceasing Paypal payments.

My Experience
When I first opened this box, I was highly unenthusiastic. My biggest gripe were the colors, and when I emailed their customer service they said I should go into my profile and add specific preferences in the "Comments" area. How I didn't see that when I first made my profile, I don't know. Super helpful customer service!

My profile: 
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Which best describes you? Keep it Neutral
Complexion: Light

Teeez Cosmetics - Desert Metals Mascara in Midnight Sky
Dud item Number 1! I do not use mascara at all. My lashes are very dark and long as it is, and when I use mascara it just doesn't work out well for me or the mascara. This was black, and beautifully packaged, as have been all the Teeez products I have gotten through Lip Factory. Trade pile!

Flash on Left - Natural Light on Right

LASplash - Chubby Twist in Pink Orchid
When I first saw the color of this lip pencil, I was so disappointed. Bright pinks are just not the colors I reach for when looking for lip shades. And this color is Very Paink (as we pronounce this particular shade in the South). But when I calmed down, I tried it out just for the hell of it... AND I LOVED IT! Seriously, why have I not been wearing hot pink on my lips my entire life? It goes really well with my coloring (which still confuses me to no end), and I would have never known if not for this sub box, so good job Lip Factory! 

Flash on Left - Natural Light on Right
Teeez Cosmetics - Eve's Ready to Wear Lipstick in Awesome Orchid
Again, I was not happy with this color at first, but once I wore it I couldn't take it off! It is really close to the same color as the lip pencil above, just in lipstick form. The pencil goes on very matte, so I like layering this lipstick on top to give it a bit of shine without having to use a gloss.

Eyelashi - Handtied Eyelashes in Sweet

Oh, eyelashes... Like I said before, I already have some pretty full lashes on my own, so using these things always feels like overkill. I already have a few pairs that I whip out on occasion, but the packaging of these is so incredibly adorable! Look at that cute little box they come in! They are also made out of natural fibers. Too bad they don't come with glue too.

Starlooks - Loose Pan Eye Shadow in Frosting
Not that there is anything wrong with this eye shadow, it just isn't very exciting. I also don't like dealing with loose pans, and I don't have a free spot in my Z-Palette right now. Not to mention currently having a few of this exact shade in there. I'll use it. But I won't jump up and down about it.

Final Thoughts
When I first opened this box, it was such a disappointment. But after I fell in absolute love with the lip sticks, I was a bit happier. Still, there were two items that I will be trading, and one that will go in my pile to be used at some unknown point in the future. If I hadn't loved the lipsticks, this box would have been a hell of a fail. This is the most begrudging "thumbs up" I hope to ever give a sub box.

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