Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meme Box 4th Global Edition

Box: Meme Box

Cost: $21 (plus shipping)

How it Works: Each Meme Box is bought separately and includes several full and deluxe sample size items from well-liked Korean brands. There are no set times or days that new boxes are released, but they tend to have at least one item in stock at all times. 

Shipping Schedule: Varies by box.

Returns: As far as I can tell, you cannot return a box, but if there are any issues you can contact their customer service and they are pretty good about compensating and working with you.

Cancellation: This isn't an actual subscription, so you just don't buy another box.

My Experience
When this box arrived, I immediately noticed the size difference. In the picture above, the bottom box is 4th edition and the top box is 3rd. Much bigger! And there were a total of 10 items in this box, which is the most ever in a Meme Box!

LJH - Dr's Care Vita Propolis Ampoule ($8.67)
I was wondering when bee products were going to make their Meme Box debut! This oil is supposed to "bring out the natural, healthy luminosity of your face" and I am not entirely sure what that means. I guess I'm going to literally "glow" after using it? We shall see! This bottle is only 5ml, but is still 1/3 of the full size which is 15ml. Since you are supposed to only add a drop or two to your moisturizer I imagine it will go a long way.

Goodal - Repair Plus Essential Oil ($7.20)
The Shampoo Plus - Natural Waterless Shampoo ($5.00 - Full Size!)
And another skin oil! This one seems to be more general in use though because it suggests using it on hair and cuticles as well as you face. 
The shampoo is really interesting! Instead of being a "dry", aerosol shampoo like I'm used to seeing, it is a "foam" shampoo. The idea looks to be the same though. I have read that a lot of people were turned off by the oregano smell of the foam, but it didn't seem very strong at all to me, especially considering that normal dry shampoos smell like pure chemicals.

Lanoa - Natural Soap Sulfur ($12.00 - Full Size!)
This soap is surfactant, artificial fragrance, and preservative free, and the I can pronounce most of the ingredients! Sulfur is great for clearing up blemishy skin , so I'm pretty pumped to get to try this. And such pretty packaging!

Clio - VF 21 Water BB ($6.00)
Another BB cream! This one looks a bit orange on me, which was a bit surprising since the full name of this product includes the phrase "Vampire Face". First of all, finally! Just what I always wanted to look like! Secondly, I hope the person in charge of naming this cream was given a spectacular bonus. Thirdly, what vampire would have an orange face? Or am I thinking too much into that?

IOPE - Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning ($6.43)
I was so excited to see this! This essence claims to clear, smooth, and enhance your skins texture and complexion.  Lots of reviews have been popping up for this product online, and this trial kit is the perfect size for checking it out! It even came with cotton pads for each use, and measuring marks on the bottle to tell you how much to use each time! 

Laneige - Snow Crystal Pure Lip Gloss ($12)
Peripera - Peri's Tint Mini Madarin Juice ($2.69)
Both of these items made me sad, but for different reasons. 
The Laneige gloss is just totally boring, and the packaging was deceiving. When you look at it in the light, it's obvious that there was only enough product to fill the tube a quarter of the way. 
The Peripera tint leaked (see the orange stain above) and there was barely any left in the tube. Quite disappointing since I generally love orange tints. I did write to Meme Box about this leak and they offered a new product or points added to my account! Great CS!

T.E.N. - Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence ($13.33)
Danahan - Bon Yeon Jin Essence ($16.32)
More essences! I've got this section of my skincare routine on lock now! The Cremorlab (doesn't that sound a bit too close to cremate?) essence claims to do... just about everything. "Hydrate, tighten pores, brighten, and even skin complexion". Isn't the packaging pretty!
The Danahan essence is targeted at winkles. Don't have a problem with those yet, but once you do, you can't go back, so prevention is the name of the game. It says to apply to both face and neck, so I'm sure my neck will enjoy the attention. Since I tend to totally ignore it.

Total Value: $89.64

Final Thoughts
Overall, there wasn't really an item form this box that stands out and excites me, except for the IOPE sample. Having said that, I know I will have fun trying out all these products and seeing if they make good on any of their claims. Because, let's be honest: Some of the items make some pretty bold assertions about what they will do for you.

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