Sunday, March 30, 2014

BirchBox March 2014

Box: BirchBox

Cost: $10 monthly (includes shipping)

How it Works: BirchBox sends you several products each month based on your answers to your "Profile" which you can fill out prior to joining (or just leave blank if you want the luck of the draw!). You can change your profile at any time, but it may be a month or so before you see any changes.

Shipping Schedule: Begins shipping approximately on the 10th. You can also see spoilers for your box on the website.

Rewards System: BirchBox has a wonderful points system! You earn points for signing up (10) plus you get 10 points for each item from your box that you review. Every 10 points equals $1 you can use in the store. So every month, you are really only paying around $4-$6 per box when taking into account the points earned from reviews. Points can be used in the store for full size products of sample items from previous and current boxes.

Refunds: Contact CS if any issues occur with the bag or items. Their CS is pretty amazing, and if they can't solve your problem with a replacement, they will usually credit your account with points.

Cancellation: Very easy. Just use the cancellation option on the website or call.

My Experience
Once again I ordered two boxes! Those subscription codes that give you an automatic $10 to use in the store are just too tempting to resist! The above picture is from my main account and that is the one I used for this review. 

Keims - Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo ($1.90)
I am always up for trying out a new shampoo! I'm generally not a fan of peppermint scented things, but maybe I will love it in my hair! Quite a generous sample and the full size is only $9.50.

Air Repair - Rescue Balm ($2.00?)
This balm is for use on extremely dry skin. I don't really have that problem since I use lots of lotions to keep my skin moisturized, but my husband has dry patches on his elbows that we have yet to find a good product for. Passing this on to him and hopefully it works! The size isn't specified on the sample so I am guessing at the value.

Control Corrective - Cucumber Bead Cleanser ($.53)
 Oil-Free Healing Lotion ($1.42)
Again, BirchBox just knows what I love! Trying out new skin care products is part of what keeps me in this subscription. Not too sure how much I will like these particular products though. I don't generally use exfoliators with "beads" in them as I feel they are too harsh on my skin, and oil-free facial moisturizers almost always leave my skin feeling dryer than I like. 

Vasanti Cosmetics - Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvinator ($5.67)
Another exfoliator! This one claims to mimic the effects of microdermabrasion which would be amazing! The instructions say to use a pea size amount a few times a week, so this sample should last for quite a while!

Coola - Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face ($3.60)
Ugh. I actually got this sample in a previous box for this account. You aren't supposed to receive duplicates on the same account, but their CS made it right by awarding points to my account for the mistake. I didn't like this product the last time I got it either so to the trade pile it goes!

Total Value: $15.12

Final Thoughts
Really good box for me, even though the total value was not as high as I have had before! I am excited to try every item, except of course the Coola SPF. This was a skincare heavy box, with one hair care item thrown in and I love it! Another win for BirchBox!

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