Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lip Factory March 2014

Box: Lip Factory 

Cost: $22 (includes shipping)

How it Works:
 Lip Factory is a monthly makeup subscription box, and contrary to what you might think, it isn't just lip products! Each month they send around 5-6 items, and the products themselves don't tend to vary from box to box, but the colors will based on your profile. Every 3 months they release an "All Lips" box with only lip products. 

Shipping Schedule: 
Shipping begins approximately on the 10th 

No returns accepted

Through email or ceasing Paypal payments.

My Experience
This is sadly my last Lip Factory! I tried it for three months, and deliberately waited until the "All About the Lips" March box before making my decision of whether I would continue with it or not. I just feel like there are other boxes I want to explore for now, but this is a pretty good one, and I know I will drool over other peoples un-boxings in the months to come.

I would like to note that apparently some people receive a "Welcome" gift in their first box, but I never did. This seems to be a sporadic thing, and not at all consistent among subscribers. I didn't ask their CS about it since this was my last month, but you might want to if you are just beginning your subscription.

My profile: 
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Which best describes you? Keep it Neutral
Complexion: Light

Jesse's Girl Vitamin E Treatment ($3.00 - Full Size!)
Ellovi - Lip Butter ($5.00 - Full Size!)
Bluuugh. So boring. I would have been fine with just one lip balm, because it is a decent item that I will use, but TWO? Lip Factory, go home. You're drunk. 

The description for the Jesse's Girl lip balm calls it a "lipstick", but in my opinion there would have to be some pigment present in order to try calling it that. So I'm calling BS on that one, Jesse's Girl. Just call it a dang "Vitamin E" stick and move on. I have a stick of lip balm at several strategic places (work desk, purse, bed stand, vanity, etc), so I will use these. But I don't have to like it.

The Ellovi Lip Butter has a strange smell and I can't pin it down. It's not totally pleasant though. The ingredients are all natural which is great, and I will enjoy trying it out if only for that reason.

Jesse's Girl - Lip Liner in Naked ($1.99 - Full Size!)
This was an ok item for me because I have been wanting to experiment with using lip liners. This one is a bit dark for me, and I found the name to be a misnomer since I would expect "Naked" to be a nude color. But it will get some use, and I like the little built in sharpener.

Cargo Cosmetics - Lip Quad in South Beach ($24.00 - Full Size!)
YAWN. These glosses are a nice formula, but they are in a tin meaning that I can't travel with them since I would need a brush to use them. It's just easier to use a tube gloss. And these glosses are just barely pigmented. See those swatches? That isn't just a picture of my hand in a moment of shine-time. No, it's a picture all four glosses swatched! They don't look much different on your lips.The little indentation in the top pink color is from me hitting it when opening the packaging, so as you can see they are creamy as opposed to hard in texture.

Mirenesse - Lip Bomb in #16 ( #34.90 - Full Size!)
Oh boy. This thing is just a goop-tastic mess.The top picture shows the true color (more nude) but in certain lights it can turn more pink like in the bottom picture. The formula is just terrible. It's crazy thick and you have to use a super thin layer to avoid your lips sticking together. There is so much shine to it that this particular color looks a bit off. But then I feel like adding a ton of shine to a nude lip color is defeating the purpose a bit. There is no way I would ever pay full price for this product considering it's only positive point is the packaging.

Total Value: $68.89

Final Thoughts
This box was a pretty big fail for me. It was really just boring, which is the exact opposite of what these boxes usually are, especially the All About the Lips boxes! Such a bad note to end my Lip Factory subscription on, but I may be back one day if Ipsy stops fulfilling that makeup-sub-box sized hole in my life.

All that being said, all the items in this box were full size! So if I had been excited about the items, this would have been an incredible box! 

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