Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jewel Mint Brilliant Mystery Box

Box: Jewel Mint

Cost: $29.99 monthly "credit" 

How it Works: Each month you are charged $29.99 and this amount is added to your account as a "credit" that you can use towards the pieces in your showroom or elsewhere in the shop. You do have the option to skip that month by logging in and selecting the "skip" option by the 5th. 

Shipping Schedule: Whenever you select and order your piece.

Rewards System: The rewards system at Jewel Mint revolves around earning point through referrals, reviews, and comments in the community. These points can be used towards discounts on orders throughout the store.

Refunds: These are accepted, but there are several charges and restrictions involved. 

Cancellation: You can cancel by calling, emailing, or using the chat function for their Customer Service.

My Experience
On the whole, I am not a fan of the way JewelMint (and by extension, the other "Mint" sites) are run. The whole system of charging you for a "credit" just rubs me wrong. So I held off trying them, but I finally took the plunge when they had a Mystery Box (I received the "Brilliant" box) available at the same time as a BOGO code. Yep, two mystery boxes for the price of one! One of my goals this year is to accessorize more, so this was a perfect way to jump start that goal.

Sunrise Bangle and Rouge Golden Bangle
Sunrise Bangle - I have a problem with bracelets not fitting, becuase they tend to fall right off my wrists. This one fits fine though! The enamel gives it a very delicate style, and I love it! It will be great for wearing to work.

Rouge Golden Bangle -  Oh, the plight of narrow wrists. This is a cute coppery clasp bracelet, but unfortunately it in no way fit on my wrist. It slid on and off with plenty of room to spare. Trade pile for you!

Spiral Galaxy Bracelet
Spiral Galaxy Bracelet - This is a really cute, chunky bracelet! Quite shiny (though it is missing one of the rhinestones) and the multiple clasp rings means that it stays put on my wrist! Quite pleased with this piece.

Regal Beauty Pendant and Diane Earrings

Regal Beauty Pendant - I love the Art Deco look to this necklace. I could do without the dirty looking rhinestone in the center, but it does match the earrings I was also sent quite nicely so I won't complain too much.

Diane Earrings These dangle earrings have some nice movement, though they have those dark, almost dirty looking rhinestones in them. Like what dishwater would look like crystallized. And no, I don't like irregular looking diamonds either. But these do happen to match the necklace (I don't think these were sent together on purpose since they were in different packages), so I imagine I will get some wear out of them when I am feeling matchy-matchy.

Metroplois Necklace

Metropolis Necklace - I'm just not sure what to think about this one. It's pretty heavy, but it just looks like a jumble of leftover parts from other pieces. I like the length though, and it's always nice to have some interesting looking pieces.

Moto Chic and Leopard bracelets

Moto Chic Bracelet - This was one of the least successful pieces I received. It's a style that I will wear, but the "leather" is very obviously some kind of plastic. The over all feel of that combined with the snap closures and thin gold slides is simply cheap. Cute enough, but very cheap and definitly not worth the $29.99 it was up for on the Jewel Mint site.

Black and Gold Leopard Bracelet - Couldn't find this on Jewel Mint. I like this cute, casual piece. And it's adjustable, so it fits! 

Zocalo Bracelet and Green Drop Necklace

Zocalo Bracelet - Another unsuccessful piece for me. I rocked the bohemian look back in college, but not so much anymore. If it had just been the woven part, I would have liked it, but the addition of the rhinestones and cooper chain made it look very overworked. Another one for the trade pile!

Gold and Green Drop Necklace - Couldn't find this on Jewel Mint. I had really been hoping for a drop necklace, so I was really happy to see this one! And the colors are right in line with my tastes as well!

Final Thoughts
I was pretty pleased with these mystery items! Out of the 10 pieces I received, I will only be trading 2 of them. However, I don't think that the majority of them are worth the $29.99 price tag they originally had, especially not the Moto Chic and Zocalo Bracelets. I cancelled my "subscription" right after I received this box, and haven't felt tempted at all to try them out again.

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