Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rainbow Honey March 2014

Cost: $10 (plus shipping)

How it Works:
Rainbow Honey is not a subscription, but an independent nail polish and perfume company. They offer a Mystery Bag for $10 every month, or free with a purchase of $65 in their shop.

My Experience
I first heard about this bag over on /r/beautyboxes and as soon as I saw the swatches I knew I had to get one! This bag is the same for every who orders it, so once you have seen one you've seen them all. From what I have seen, they stay in stock until they run out and the March bag is still available!

All My Stars (Clear Base, Various Blue Glitters) - $5.00
Nail Honey Cuticle Oil - ??
The Soiree (Clear base, Pastel Square and Star Glitters) - $5.00

The cuticle oil smells really nice! It's not available on their site, and the card says it's a new item for them so I would expect it to be available in the near future. 

The polishes go on very smoothly with plenty of glitter. I didn't have to dig around to get the coverage that I wanted. Both swatches are two coats. Neither of these are available for individual sale on the site. From the information card, it sounds like The Soiree may be in a collection later this year, and All My Stars was a special polish in the mystery bag to celebrate Rainbow Honey's anniversary.

Lavandula Mini Rollerball - $1.50
This is an adorable little perfume sample! I am terrible at discerning and describing scents, so here is what they say about it on their websiteHerbaceous French Lavender brightened with sun-filled citrus notes of Lime, Yuzu, and Sweet Orange. I'm not really crazy about the it myself, but I'll wear it and keep the container for de-potting perfume samples in the future!

Nail Honey Hand Cream Sample (??)
A good cream is essential to keeping your cuticles in shape during the winter. This product doesn't seem to be on their website, so I am unsure how much this cream sample would be worth. I don't particularly like the packaging because lotions stored in foils tend to dry out really quickly. I will have to de-pot it into something else more suitable so I can use it without drying it out.

Total Value: $11.50 
(not including Cuticle Oil or Hand Cream sample)

Final Thoughts
Such cute little polishes! And I love that they sent out more than just the polishes as well! The extra items really added to the overall value of the box for me. Looking forward to the Rainbow Honey April Mystery Bag! 

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