Sunday, March 9, 2014

PopSugar Must Have February 2014

Cost: $39.95 monthly (includes shipping)

How it Works: PopSugar Must Have is a lifestyle subscription box. Each month they send out a box of items that their editors have deemed "must haves". The items typically fall in the categories of "beauty, fashion, home, fitness and food". 

Shipping Schedule: Generally begins shipping around the middle of the month.

Rewards System: None

Refunds: Not typically allowed, but if you have a problems with an item in your box, they will generally try to send a replacement.

Cancellation: Just cancel on the website before the charge for the next month is placed.

My experience
Lifestyle boxes aren't really my style. Currently I am working on increasing my makeup collection, but feel that there is a makeup-saturation point in my future and once it is reached I will be more interested in this style of box. The only reason I decided to try PopSugar out this month was a coupon making it $20 instead of the normal $39.95, and the possibility of a really cute Valentines themed box.

I can tell you right now that the concept of a "travel candle" is enough to strike fear into the heart of any hotelier. I speak from experience. I think a better name might have been "Teeny Tiny Candle" since that is what it is. The smell is really lovely, but it isn't very strong. When it candle is burning, the scent is barely there, and when it is just sitting open you have to basically stick your nose in it to detect the smell. 

Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash ($5.00? - Full Size!)
Poor Dial. They were trashed so badly in the PopSugar forums. This was the heaviest and largest item in the box, and it made me feel a bit differently about PopSugar as a brand. Dial isn't mid or high-end, but I am sure they paid their way into being added to the box. We will definitely use this when our current body wash runs out, and it smells quite nice. It just doesn't feel very "must-have" to me.

This is closer to what I had expected in this box! I didn't already have a jewelry roll for traveling, and I am just getting interested in accessorizing more so this was perfect for me! I am not a total fan of the color. Gorjana Brooks calls it "Berry", I call it "Fushia Tomato". Also, the design is a bit weird; I can already see necklaces getting twisted in those pockets, but it'still a serviceable roll. It's also cute enough that it could work as a clutch if you weren't carrying very much! 

I took one look at the ingredients to this serum and knew my face would not thank me for slathering it on. I didn't want to waste it when I knew there were plenty of people who loved this stuff or wanted to try it, so I traded it. 

ModelCo isn't a company I have tried before, but I did like this lip product. I wish the lipstick had been a bit more pink, because brown tones don't work very well on my skin. The gloss is totally clear even though it looks peachy in the packaging. I'm unsure of the color or price since I can't find this item on ModelCo's site except as part of a set. 

Sugarwish is a candy delivery company. Their packaging is so cute! While there was also a coupon for using the service, it seemed a bit overpriced for what it is. Good candy hearts though!

This polish is a gorgeous, deep red. Perfect for Valentines! I wasn't very happy with the formula however. It was got a bit goopy near the end of my second hand, and chipped just a few days after applying. Very pretty while it lasted, but I  have other similar colors that last longer.

Total Value: $132.99
Value for me: $109.00

Final Thoughts
Overall, I was quite impressed by the value of my first PopSugar box! However, the actual items left a bit to be desired. Each one seemed to have a significant enough drawback than I probably would not have purchased them for myself. I cancelled my subscription after this box, but I would consider re-subbing if I get to that makeup-saturation point.

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